For over 80 years from its completion in 1931, the old Tokyo Central Post Office offered services that were central to people's lives, as it stood witness to the societal changes of the Showa and Heisei eras. Indeed, it served as a symbol of the Japan Post Group business, which since its inception in 1871 has continued to provide products and services tailored to the needs of people living all over the country that are safe, reliable, and fast.

In March 2013, the old Tokyo Central Post Office was reborn as the JP Tower. This large-scale project was undertaken in order to improve the disaster prevention and urban functions to suit the needs of the current times and its location. In addition, it addresses the issues of safety and environmental impact, as well as combining a number of civic functions such as the formation of a good urban landscape, and delivery of information about the city and culture. The new JP Tower is receiving a large number of visitors.

The major feature of this JP Tower is its museum of academic culture, the Intermediatheque, (referred to below as IMT). In planning the IMT, we launched an academic-industry collaborative project with the University of Tokyo, and the University Museum, the University of Tokyo provided us with the very best results of their research.

In addition to exhibits of valuable scientific specimens from the University of Tokyo collection, the IMT hosts workshops and seminars that are open to the general public and widely attended. These are activities that befit its role as a cultural center of the Marunouchi district.

At the core of our business is the desire to provide services that connect person to person and heart to heart. So, to be able to provide the many people who visit Tokyo from surrounding areas and around the country with the opportunity to visit a new museum unlike any that has come before, such as the IMT, has deep significance, and words cannot express how pleased we are.

Toru Takahashi
President & CEO

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