Special Exhibition “Human History of the Ocean: A Million Years of Pioneers”


We humans obtain much from the oceans. The countless benefits that we enjoy from the ocean today are thanks to the cumulative efforts made by our ancestors. Recent studies have shown that the “first Japanese Islanders” who appeared on this archipelago were voyagers who crossed the difficult seas rather than drifters. Maritime activities by the succeeding Jomon people, which include giant tuna fishing, are also noteworthy. Such accomplishment by our ancestors make us feel the “power of humanity.”
Yet, we, their descendants, have not stopped challenging the ocean ---- What are we trying to do with the sea today? This exhibition also highlights some of the new challenges that the shipping industry has been facing in recent years, and innovative thinking that goes beyond the pursuit of maximum functionality.
In the special exhibition space at the Intermediatheque (IMT) in front of Tokyo Station, we will exhibit the history of mankind’s million-year challenge to the sea in IMT’s unique way of combining academics and art. We hope that through this exhibition you will realize humanity’s relationship with the sea is entering a new phase.

Organizer: The University Museum, The University of Tokyo (UMUT)
Cosponsors: Pharmarise Holdings Corporation / Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. / Nippon Kaiji Kyokai / Yamagata Maritime Institute
Support: The University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance Collaboration Research Organization / Japan Institute of Navigation / The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
Cooperation: Maritime and Ocean Digital Engineering Laboratory (MODE)

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