Musical Performance “Cello and Birds”


[Date] Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 11:30- / 12:30- / 13:30- / 14:30- / 15:30- / 16:30- / 17:30- (expected duration: 10 minutes per performance)
[Venue] Intermediatheque 3F [COLONNADE3]
[Admission] Free (no reservation required)
[Production] Robin Dupuy + The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)
[Organizer] The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)
[Cooperation] Michio Matsuda

A special event will be held in the exhibition space of the Intermediatheque 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition’s “Birds in Paradise” with cellist, arranger, and composer Robin Dupuy. Born in Strasbourg, France and currently active in Japan, Robin Dupuy continues to explore new musical expressions through the playing of his cello, which blends influences from various musical genres, including classical, pop, and folk music.
As part of the “Birds in Paradise” exhibition, field recordings made in Cairns, Australia by wild bird researcher Michio Matsuda are currently played from a gramophone. Birdsongs vary depending on the environment and have acoustic characteristics that favor each environment because they are not interrupted by the thick foliage in forests and the sound of the wind. This musical performance will create a new sound space at the “Bird in Paradise” exhibition site through the collaboration of nature’s “songs of the birds” and Dupuis’ cello improvisations.

Photography, filming and recording of the event.
- This event will be photographed, filmed, and recorded by the producers. The photos, videos, and sound recordings taken may be made public in the future by the producers in the museum and on the Internet. Thank you for your understanding.
- Visitors may photograph and film of this event for personal use. Filming is only allowed during the event but not at other times or in other areas of the museum.

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