Contemporary Art Experimental Exhibition “Perspectives (2)”


The second edition of the experimental exhibition of contemporary art “Perspectives” is held within the permanent exhibition space of the Intermediatheque. As forms of expression in contemporary art grow more diverse than ever, with the help of large-scale exhibitions and information technologies such as the SNS, it is now possible to gather information on contemporary art from various regions in the world. As artists extend the scope of their activities to an international level, social factors and regional singularities exert a certain influence on the concepts behind their creation, as well as on the choice of materials for their works. Regional singularities also appear in such non-verbal parameters as the apprehension of space, colours or forms. Following the first edition devoted to the contemporaneity of Japanese artists, this second edition of “Perspectives” focuses on the social background and regional particularities behind the diverse forms of expression found in contemporary art. By combining artists whose work is based on traditional techniques, with artists who have created outside of Japan, we will focus on the differentiation of sensitivity depending on regions and personal experiences, as well as on the regional particularities in artistic expression. The aim is to consider the possibility for contemporary art to build a common form of consciousness, a common vector on an international level, as in the scientific world.
During the exhibition, a lecture by a researcher in the artistic field will also be held. We will consider how modern and contemporary art in East Asian countries including Japan has construed itself under the influence of Western art, in order to examine the geographic and pedagogic characteristics of contemporary art in each region.

[Exhibiting Artists] Toru Ishii / Yoshinori Kakita / Yoi Kawakubo / Kenjiro Nagata / Shino Yanai / Saron Hughes
[Organizer] The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)
[Grant] Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

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