Precautions for cameras in the museum

  • Please refrain from the following activities when taking photographs;
    • Video recording, flash photography
    • The use of tripods, selfie sticks, reflectors, or other auxiliary equipment
    • Recording for shows, unauthorized events or photo shoots
    • Self-photography by placing photographic equipment on the floor or on exhibit displays
    • Taking photographs of exhibits that are marked prohibited
    • Interfering with the viewing experience of other visitors (including the use of burst mode, and continuous/special shutter sounds)
    • Leaning over the protective glass barriers
  • Please refrain from asking the museum staff to assist with photography.
  • Photographs are allowed for personal use only.
  • The museum and its staff is not responsible for any inconveniences caused by the use of cameras or any trouble between visitors that may occur. When taking photographs, please be considerate of other visitors and do not touch exhibits, displays, etc.