Special Exhibition “Naval Architecture in Imperial University”


After the Meiji Restoration, Japan promoted the rapid modernization of its social system and industrial techniques in order to rank with powerful Western countries. Partly due to the geopolitical fact that Japan is surrounded by sea, it has achieved a remarkable development by positively taking in knowledge and techniques from overseas, especially in the field of Naval Architecture. That naval architecture became one of the major driving forces of modernization is backed by historical facts. It has recently become clear that part of the early primary documents pertaining to naval architecture had been consigned to the Museum of Maritime Science (Tokyo). Thanks to the courtesy of the museum, they were returned to the University of Tokyo. The intent of the present exhibition is to reconsider the history of modern naval architecture by disclosing related documents.

[Organizer] The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)
[Support] Museum of Maritime Science

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