Experimental Performance “Play IMT (3) – On the Possibilities of Theatrical Creation Within the Intermediatheque”


The PDF version of the program in Japanese is published here.

   The University Museum, the University of Tokyo and SEAMI have started collaborating on a theatrical project staged at the JP Tower Museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE. This project is an experiment on theatrical creation within a museum space. While pursuing new possibilities for creative activities in relation to the scientific specimens and museum space proper to the Intermediatheque, we will attempt to give birth to new forms of theatrical expression. In this context, and in order to build up the process of theatrical creation in a public form, we will regularly hold related events at the Intermediatheque, with all the meanings of the word “play” as our keyword.
   For the third event of this series, we will hold an experimental performance within the exhibition space of the Intermediatheque. We will thus stage simultaneously, in a single gallery, several performances and installations sharing a common theme, so as to further develop the theatrical possibilities of the Intermediatheque. Each unit will be conceived independently in connection with a given specimen, based on an original story about love. These units will gradually inspire the audience to form a loose connection among them, eventually causing the whole space of the gallery to resonate. This experimental performance is aiming to produce a unique experience of time and space within the Intermediatheque.

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 14:00- / 16:00- (expected duration: 30 minutes per stage)
Venue: Intermediatheque 2F Exhibition Space (COLONNADE2)_x000B_
Admission free (no reservation required)_x000B_
*The program of the performance will be sold at the IMT boutique (on the 3rd floor).
Organization: SEAMI + The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)

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