Special Lecture “Museography in Indonesia”


Date: Wednesday October 25, 2023 15:30-17:00 (Doors open at 15:20)
Venue: Intermediatheque 2F Lecture Theatre [ACADEMIA]
Admission: Free (no reservation required). The number of seats is limited to 48. Your understanding is appreciated.
Language: Japanese and English (with interpretation)
Organizer: Department of Intermediatheque, The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)

As part of the international collaborations of the University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT), the Intermediatheque welcomes Professor Andryanto Rikrik Kusmara, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, who delivers a special lecture on museography. Museography is the study of museum design and investigates in particular museum practices relating to curation and exhibition techniques. The special lecture provides an opportunity to learn about recent discussions in museography and consider the roles of art and design in museums through case studies of national and regional museums in Indonesia, including the National Art Gallery. The lecture is followed by discussion in which two commentators also take part, with a view to examining the potential of museum practices informed by cutting-edge art and design concepts for contemporary and future society.

Andryanto Rikrik Kusmara (Professor and Dean of Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung / Art Curatorship and Museology)
Art and Design Roles in Museum Development in Indonesia

Prananda Luffiansyah Malasan (Assistant Professor of Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung / Design and Cultural Resource)
Akira Matsuda (Associate Professor of Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo / Heritage Studies)

Ayumi Terada (Project Associate Professor of UMUT / Art and Museum Studies)

Photography, filming, and recording of the event:
- This event will be photographed and filmed by the organizer. Photographs may be made public by the organizer and speakers in the future through publications and the Internet. No videos will be made public.
- Visitors are not allowed to take photographs, videos, or recordings during the event.
Thank you for your understanding.

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