Special Exhibition “PHOTO LOGIC - Yoshitomo Tanaka × IMT”


Dates: July 26–September 25, 2022
> 〈EXTENDED〉 until October 10

A photograph captures a moment in time. While it is simply information and a record, it can also hold precious memories for someone, photographs are a rare object that allows us to objectively view the times and ourselves in a realistic way. Yoshitomo Tanaka's photographic activities over the past 40 years have been to "record" the unadorned expressions of his subjects, based on his creed of "capturing qualities". In his work to date, he has captured the natural appearance of a wide variety of people, from children to elders, craftsmen, actors, and artists, and has captured moments when he has glimpsed the essence of the person or a sliver of the human nature.
Photography has become a communication tool that allows anyone to easily take high-quality photographs and express themselves to people around the world by uploading them to websites and social networking services. From personal hobbies to professional work, the domain of photography has become vague, broad, and stored in virtual space. The emergence of digital cameras and technological innovations in information technology are behind the creation of the situation that exists today. In particular, the revolution brought about by digital cameras is that "anyone can release the shutter without hesitation". This ease of use has brought people closer to cameras and photography. It is precisely because we live in such an age that this exhibition will expand upon the photographic techniques and philosophies of what professional photography is and what makes it different.
The exhibition catalogue will consist of about 50 works and will feature approximately 30 works of Yoshimoto Tanaka, including photographs of people taken in the exhibition space of Intermediatheque as well as academic specimens, his own masterpiece "SUPER OLD", and other unpublished works. In addition, a "photography studio" with professional equipment will be set up in the exhibition room, where Yoshitomo Tanaka will hold several photography events, mainly for children.
Communication among people is finally showing signs of recovery in this world that feels entrapped. People are beginning to feel free from psychological and physical state where they have had to distance themselves not only from strangers, but also from their workplaces and acquaintances. This is also true in situations where we come into contact with artworks and objects at museums. Under these circumstances, we hope that the museum, a place where people can communicate with each other and with objects, will serve as a stage for revisiting affinity through the medium of photography.

[Organizer] The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)

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