Theatre Performance “Play IMT (7) – In Between Worlds”


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[Date & Time]
   Friday, November 24, 18:30-
   Saturday, November 25, 14:00- / 17:00-
   Sunday, November 26, 14:00-
   Friday, December 1, 18:30-
   Saturday, December 2, 14:00- / 17:00-
   Sunday, December 3, 14:00-
    (expected duration: 40 minutes per stage)
[Venue] Intermediatheque 2-3 F
[Admission] Free (no reservation required)
[Language] Japanese
[Organization] SEAMI + The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)
[Grant] Han Chang-Woo・Tetsu Cultural Foundation

The seventh instalment of the “Play IMT” series, in reconsidering the series’ basic concept of experimenting with theatre and museums, develops a theatrical performance throughout the Intermediatheque, with “the in-between” (that is, what appears between the theatrical and museum worlds) as its key theme.
Ever since the conception of the “Play IMT” project, by actively integrating the Intermediatheque collection and activities as well as people who gather there within the process of theatrical creation, we have consistently explored what kind of theatrical expression can be crystallized within a museum space. In this performance, our theatrical experimentation within a museum context will gather the Intermediatheque’s space and exhibits, as well as original music and storylines, installations, props, costumes and actors. Therefore, actors are both neutral beings – among the aforementioned theatrical elements – and special entities – mediating and connecting all these elements. Members of the audience are also essential elements of the performance, in that they contribute to give form to various new images emanating throughout the play. As the performance grows organically, members of the audience get gradually involved, thus nourishing the play. This event aims to be participative, with all the people present contributing to create a new world.

Hiroshi Fujimori, Norihisa Honke, Kim Hyeryong, Inori Imamura, Mai Sasaki, Chikako Shibasaki, Yoshiki Shibata, Mirano Suzuki, Mana Takenouchi, Shinji Tozawa, Chie Yoshida

The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT) + SEAMI

Seil Kim

The actors+Mamoru Maekawa+Ayumi Terada

[Musical Supervision]
Youngjae Lee

[Sound Technical Direction]
Dongwon Shin

[Installation & Graphic Design]
Hiroyuki Sekioka+Eriko Ueno

[Technical Direction of Installation]
Hajime Matsubara

[Space and Exhibition Design]

[Supervision of the Intermediatheque]
Yoshiaki Nishino

[The University Museum, the University of Tokyo Staff]
Mako Akishinonomiya / Ayako Fujino / Toshimasa Kikuchi / Fumio Matsumoto / Hiroto Nakatsubo / Kei Osawa / Ai Shiraishi / Sota Yoshikawa

Theatrical Creation Project “Play IMT”
The University Museum, the University of Tokyo and SEAMI collaborate on a theatrical project staged at the JP Tower Museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE. This project is an experiment on theatrical creation within a museum space. While pursuing new possibilities for creative activities in relation to the scientific specimens and museum space proper to the Intermediatheque, we attempt to give birth to new forms of theatrical expression. In this context, and in order to build up the process of theatrical creation in a public form, we regularly hold related events at the Intermediatheque, with all the meanings of “play” as our keyword.

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