Andean Music Concert “Listening to the Wind of Machu Picchu”


Title: Andean Music Concert “Music & Science (6) – Listening to the Wind of Machu Picchu”

Date & Time: Saturday, June 6 2015 3:00 p.m.- / 4:00 p.m.- (expected duration: 20 minutes per stage)
Venue: Intermediatheque 2F Exhibition Space (FIRST SIGHT)
Admission free (no reservation required)
Organized by the University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)

   In Japan, Andean music is commonly called “folclore.” However, nowadays, this music born from the cultural interaction between the former Andean inhabitants and the Spanish goes well beyond the limits of folklore to integrate various experiments. Such a posture is clearly visible in the work of the Florez Duo, who, while respecting the traditional instrumentation and repertoire, experiment on new instrumentations and on the fusion with other genres.
   In the “Music & Science” concert series, live music is performed in the Intermediatheque exhibition spaces. Through the dialogue between the world of “Art & Science” and music, an attempt at a new experience of synaesthesia is made. For this concert, by confronting the ancient Andean civilization unearthed in the special exhibition “Wandering in El Dorado: Half a Century of Andean Archaeology by the Japanese” with the Florez Duo’s new interpretation of Andean music, we will pursue various aspects of the Andean sense of beauty running across its ancient fine arts and its contemporary musical experiments.


Florez Duo
 Fredy Florez (guitar, vocal, composition & arrangement)
 Jesus Florez (lead vocal, charango, quena, saxophone, and others)

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