Release of the Sound Layer Application “onIMT”


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The Intermediatheque (IMT) is releasing its Sound Layer application “onIMT” jointly developed by the University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT) and THD Inc. This application offers new museum experiences centered around audition.
In July 2017, based on an original idea and technological support from THD Inc., the University Museum, the University of Tokyo initiated a research project on the possibilities of Sound Layer in museums. Starting July 10 2018, we will release a test version of the application on rental devices, before officially releasing an iPhone application in mid-July. Both will be available free of charge.
The first layer for this application consists in the audio program “Director’s Voice (1) – Listening to Space.” In the future, various audio contents will be produced and added as layers to the application.

Application Features

“onIMT”: an application for your ears to enjoy the Intermediatheque

What Is “onIMT”?

This Sound Layer application is designed for your ears to enjoy the Intermediatheque. Various audio contents are produced according to the Intermediatheque’s exhibition space. Each visitor is free to choose his own theme (layer). All you have to do is put on your earphones, select your layer and press “on.” Based on your location, audio contents will be played automatically. Your ears can then enjoy a new museum experience, without your having to look at the application interface anymore.

● This application is mainly designed to be used on-site within the Intermediatheque, but you can also enjoy its audio contents outside the museum.
● The manual for the application will be published on the “onIMT” page of the Intermediatheque official website.

What Is a Sound Layer?

Sound Layer is an innovative concept and technology developing a multi-layered experience of augmented reality based on sound. Whereas several contents cannot coexist in real space, with the concept of Sound Layer, various audio contents are accumulated on as many layers in a single location, making it possible for each visitor to select what he wants to listen to at a given time on a given location. Furthermore, by introducing a specific system supported by the latest technology, it becomes possible to play audio contents automatically based on location information provided by beacons positioned throughout the museum, without having to manipulate any buttons to switch from one content to the other. The University Museum, the University of Tokyo in cooperation with THD Inc. established the development of the Sound Layer application “onIMT” as a key project transforming our perception of the world through sound, and explores the possibilities of Sound Layer within museums, with the Intermediatheque as a platform for experimentation.

● The Sound Layer application for museums is an original application jointly developed by the University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT) and THD Inc. “onIMT” is a content application that implements the Sound Layer technology within the Intermediatheque.

Introducing the layer “Director’s Voice (1) – Listening to Space”

Director Yoshiaki Nishino, who oversaw the production of the Intermediatheque, comments in detail on the museum design, covering both the lower and the upper floors of the Intermediatheque in approximately 60 minutes.
Language: Japanese
Recording date: January 9, 2018
Release date: July 10, 2018
Production: The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT)

Additional Layers to Be Released

- “Director’s Voice (1) – Listening to Space” with BGM
A layer combining Director Yoshiaki Nishino’s comments with music from around the world.
- “Director’s Voice (1) – Listening to Space” English version
An English translation of the above layer.
- “Play IMT (7+) – Resonance” (Temporary title)
A musical layer produced in collaboration with composer Youngjae Lee.

Use of Rental Devices

For detailed information on the use of rental devices, please contact the Intermediathque information desk at the museum 2F entrance.

● It is required to present a valid ID and to fill a form.
● The number of rental devices is limited. We request your comprehension.


03-5777-8600 (Hello Dial)

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